Project Description


Vacuum Elevators: Minimal Maintenance, Long-Term Savings Installing a traditional home elevator is an expensive and time-consuming process. But even when the contractors have left and the elevator is installed, you won’t be finished with your checkbook. Traditional elevators require regular maintenance for all of their moving parts, and the cost of this maintenance can quickly eclipse the original install price. It’s frustrating and costly, not to mention inconvenient. Luckily, there’s a better way.

Home Elevators without the Fuss Vacuum elevators perform the same task as traditional elevators: Moving people from one floor of a home to another. However, pneumatic vacuum elevators use completely different technology to accomplish this task, technology that allows them to use less energy and require less maintenance than their pulley-and-gear-based counterparts. Essentially, a vacuum elevator operates by manipulating air pressure in the vacuum tube. By reducing the pressure above the main seal of the car, the elevator utilizes natural atmospheric pressure to raise the car. Air is then re-introduced into the cylinders to lower the car. There are very few moving parts required to operate the air driven residential elevator . So what does all of this mean to owners? Simple: Relying on vacuum technology for your home elevator means that you only need maintenance approximately every five years or every 15,000 lifts. When compared to the yearly cost of maintenance of a traditional elevator, it’s easy to see how a pneumatic elevator can save you enormous amounts of money in the long run. Our vacuum elevators harness innovative technology that allows them to operate worry free for years, using little energy and occupying as small a space as possible. And because there’s no heavy machinery to install, the elevator can be made to fit in almost any home and doesn’t require major structural renovations or modifications. Most installs take just a couple of days. Pneumatic vacuum elevators are easier to install, cheaper to maintain and nicer to look at. All these factors add up to the best possible solution for you and for your home.

Outstanding features:

  • Sleek modernistic design with a panoramic 360 degree view
  • 6-8 hour installation time for a 2 stop
  • Installed as an appliance (220V) in a portable configuration
  • No excavation or infrastructure required
  • Highest safety during power outages as it lowers itself automatically to the ground floor
  • Low maintenance with no lubrication required or any additional works after assembled
  • 24 volt internal circuits with no energy consumption during decent
  • Stopping and starting operations are extremely smooth
  • A three color selection: standard-navy gray, upgrades-light gray and white
  • Low cost


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